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Frequently asked questions for Spring season


“League Age” is the age your child is as of May 1, 2017.  For example, if your child’s birthday is March 21, 2008, he will be league age 9 for the Spring 2017 season and must play Minor league



Draft/Team assignment

Question:  My child played tball last spring and Coaches pitch in the fall, does (s)he need to try out?

Answer:  Yes, any player who did not play last Spring or played in a different age group from the previous Spring must attend tryouts.


Question:  My child is moving up from WeeBall to Tball this season, does (s)he need to attend tryouts?

Answer:  Yes, we will hold tryouts for Tball, Coaches Pitch, Minors and Ozone.


Question:  My child is 8 and played coaches pitch last season, does (s)he get to go back on the same team?

Answer:  Yes, as long as his birthday is Before May 1, 2017 (s)he will still be considered league age 8.


Question:  One of my kids will go back on the same team as last spring and this will be the sibling’s first season in that same age group, will both my kids be on the same team?  And does the sibling need to attend tryouts?

Answer:  Yes, they will be on the same team.  No, the sibling does not need to attend tryouts


Question:  My child needs to attend tryouts this year but we will be out of town, will he still be able to play this season?

Answer:  Yes, as long as your player is registered before registration ends his name will go into a hat and he will still be drafted to a team.  We do ask that if you know you will not be able to attend that you let us know by emailing the commissioner of the league as well as


Question:  When should I find out what team my player is on?

Answer:  Tryouts and draft will be held on the first Saturday in February.  We expect Managers to notify all parents of their team assignments and first practice/meet and greet no later than the Wednesday following tryouts.  WeeBall players should be notified in the same time frame.


Question:  My child is 5 but has never played before, should he play WeeBall or Tball?

Answer: Please contact our Tball Commissioner to determine which league is best suited for your player


Question: I have a 3-year-old and 6-year-old that have never played before, can they be on the same team?

Answer: Please contact our Tball Commissioner to determine which league is best suited for your player


Question: Can I choose my child’s coach/team?

Answer: WeeBall is the only age group we accept requests for. Tball, Coaches Pitch, Minors and Ozone all have a tryout and draft system. 


Question: What if I want my child to be on a different team from last year?

Answer: For WeeBall, please note your team/coach request under the Special Requests section on your registration form. 

For Tball, Coaches Pitch, Minors and Ozone, if you are already assigned to a team you must stay on that team.  The only way to change teams is to “Blackball” a coach.  The blackball rule can only be used against a coach (not a team) and you must have previously played for the coach you are blackballing.  You are only allowed to enact the blackball rule 1 time in your Pineview career. If you are eligible to and decide to blackball a coach, your child will go back into the draft. In coaches pitch, we have 2 divisions, once you are in a division, you must remain in that division so if you blackball and go back into the draft, you can only be drafted by the teams in your current division. Also, if you blackball a coach, and that coach becomes a coach on an All-Star team, your child will not be eligible to play All-Stars.  Blackball requests MUST be made at the time of registration and will NOT be accepted after the draft. For more information about the blackball rule, please see our By-laws posted under the Rules section of the website. You can also obtain more information by reaching out to your commissioner or emailing with specific questions.


Equipment Needed

Question: What equipment/gear do I need to purchase for my player?

Answer: Pineview will supply players with jersey, hat, socks and belt for the Spring season.  Your player will need to supply their own helmet, bat, cleats, glove and pants. Coaches Pitch, Minors and Ozone teams will be supplied with a set of catchers gear for the team to use.



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